The New Year is a perfect time to give your employee magazine a health check to make sure it remains an effective channel for sharing strategy throughout your organisation.

Here are our 10 top tips to keep your publication fresh and relevant (and cheese-free).

1) Align content with strategy and business need
But don’t let it get dull. Be creative in the ways you tie content back to business objectives.

2) Keep focusing on the ’why’
Demonstrate how your employees are helping the company achieve its vision.

3) Share health and wellbeing initiatives
A third of employees would consider leaving their jobs because of a poor workplace environment. Shout about your wellness programme.

4) Talk about the external market
If there are important changes happening in your industry sector, share them. Employees want to be kept informed by the company they work for.

5) Bring facts and figures to life
How many products did you sell last quarter, how many lives did you touch? Provide context and make it meaningful.

6) Share kind words from customers
Reading compliments from suppliers and customers can make a big difference to morale and motivation.

7) Give your readers a voice
Using colleagues as guest editors is a great way of bringing readers on board and promoting employee ownership.

8) Share articles which positively reinforce your company values and culture
Bring your company values to life by recognising and celebrating successes driven by value-led behaviours.

9) Update employees on your latest survey results
Show people that you’re listening to them and taking action.

10) Hold regular focus groups
To make sure content, design, delivery and timeliness are all hitting the mark in 2018.

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